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LD Building Services are one of the best Kingston builders, who have been on the market for quite a few years. We strive to be the best designers, builders and renovators on the market who make sure to work within the budget of our clients. All of our builders use top-of-the-line equipment and high-quality materials to achieve the best results.

As trusted builders in Kingston upon Thames we specialize in several areas. House extensions and loft extensions are just the tips of the iceberg. We also deal with refurbishing, flooring, carpentry, water damage and garage conversions. Everything a house in Kingston upon Thames needs, the Kingston builders will deliver.

We are open every weekday from 8 AM to 5 PM. People can also reach us on our official website or via telephone. For business inquiries, check out our LinkedIn page or our Houzz listing. We also encourage our clients to leave honest and detailed reviews on our website.

Kingston Extension Builders

Kingston upon Thames folks love extending their houses. Of course, LD being Kingston house extension builders will do their best to make sure that a client’s house gets the extra room it deserves. But how do we do that, exactly?

First off, we make sure that the materials we use are of the highest quality on the market. In addition, we always use the best tools for the job. Next, we provide the client with a great project manager who has years of experience under his belt. Our managers are friendly, open for discussion and will always keep the client abreast of the project. Finally, we offer some of the best prices out there. We always make sure our clients get the best house extensions that fit their budgets.

Loft Conversion Kingston upon Thames

If our client wants more loft room, we will deliver. Our clients can discuss their needs and desires with one of our dedicated builders. Everything is customisable — from the furniture to the floors. Once our expert gets the client’s itemised quote on the desired loft, the client can dictate the schedule, as per their needs and availability.

Kingston loft conversion builders does thorough work. We will focus on everything in a client’s loft: lighting, plumbing, electricity, flooring, furniture and other accessories, as well as bathroom suites and staircases. We cover it all, and we do it all in a timely, cost-effective manner.

House Extension, Loft Conversion & Renovation – Kingston upon Thames KT1

LD Building Services is a building company based in Isleworth. We are an experienced and disciplined team who have worked on many projects throughout Kingston upon Thames KT1 . We specialize in Kitchen extensions, Loft conversions, Refurbishments, House Renovations in Kingston upon Thames, Kitchens, Bathrooms etc LD Building Services Ltd aims to make all projects as efficient and cost effective to our clients as possible, and we discuss with them every step of the project to ensure there are no hidden extras. LD offer you the whole solution, with a comprehensive and personal service.


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